“Teachers need this material.”

Thomas Armstrong, author of 14 books including Neurodiversity

“Mark is leading us to a new way of Physical Education.”

Dr. Doug Thompson, Head of Mid-Peninsula High School for 17 years

“Mark’s methods should be enforced by law.”

Andrew Jones, former student, writer and actor

“His role has been crucial to the success of our school… To be successful with students (here) requires creativeness, openness, compassion and the ability to motivate. Mark has all of these.”

Heidi Schiessler, Assistant Head of Mid-Peninsula School

“My son came to Mark and was seriously depressed and feeling like a social outcast.  He played computer games 50 or 60 hours to escape.  With Mark’s help, his life has absolutely changed. He is writing a stunning book I am in absolute awe of–created a web site about it.  He now has girlfriends and goes out dancing regularly. But that’s not all. He has gotten a part in an Academy Award winning director’s upcoming movie. After watching this all happen, I had to start using the practices as well—life is good.”

Margaret Barton, parent

“I found him to be consistently true to his convictions. He continually designed learning environments and tasks to hone students’ skills and to jar them out of complacency.”

Mary Menacho, Head of Trinity School

“Mark has restructured our writing, SAT, and reading comprehension programs. The method works even for the slowest learners while inspiring my more talented students. The students are happy. The parents are happy. And so am I."

Raymond Choy, Head of Aspire Learning Center

“You don’t have to study as hard. The stuff sticks.”

Collin Webb, graduate of St. Johns College

“Mr. Gordon excites his students curiosity and motivates them to take responsibility for their learning through participation, research, and discovery.”

Robert Foley, educator for over 40 years

“Mark Gordon with his Kuriosity Lab has the ability, knowledge, and passion to do for education today what Jonathan Kozol did for an earlier generation: identify systemic problems in our education system and suggest insightful, concrete solutions.”

Gary Cohn, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter and University of Southern California professor

“If I were to redesign schools to match how the brain works best, it would be one long gym class… [Mark] is way ahead of us.”

Best-selling author (Brain Rules)  and professor,  John Medina





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