After 20 years of successfully teaching over 2,000 at-risk students, Mark Gordon developed Kuriosity Lab, a one-of-a-kind curriculum with a simple mission: to fully engage students in the love of learning for its own sake while leading them to discover and develop their own authentic talents.

Mark has written dozens of articles for local and national publications, two books, and a best-selling trivia game. He is a co-founder of Sun Light & Power, the oldest continuous solar company in California. He graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and attended graduate school at the Southern University of Illinois at Carbondale. In 2003, he founded the AHA! Center, an alternative high school that designed curriculum for each student's needs and interests including courses on Design, Systems Thinking, and 20th Century Geniuses.

Mark has studied with renowned neuroscience professor Pat Wolfe. Other mentors include Buckminster Fuller, Pythagoras, Joseph Campbell, Richard Feynman, John Holt, Albert Einstein, and Friedrich Froebel.

When Mark is not at the Kuriosity Lab, he is climbing hills, meditating, or dancing; sometimes all three at once.


Here Ye! Here We! Hear Thee! By the power vested in the State of California and of the United States of America in recognizing The Kuriosity Lab as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, and thereby affirmed by the United States Supreme Court in its ruling that the aforesaid corporation is currently considered a person by the laws of this land, and that The Kuriosity Lab, who will now be referred to forthwith, and forsooth, as "Dese Guys," recognize another human, the Honorable, but Kind and Quirky, Derek K. Webb, TO BE KNOWN as DEREK THE KIND AND LIONHEARTED, for behavior considered exemplary by any standard, for his loving and effective work for the last five years working/playing with Dese Guys as well as at Ohlone School and Palo Alto High (did you know the original meaning of "school," a Greek term, means leisure, yes leisure, but I digress and this sentence is beyond laboriously elongated in its length and meaning, and so, it shall be ended). But Derek is no one-trick-pony.  Besides sharing his kindness and lionheart, he has other parts he loves and practices: The co-equal number one part is playing ball—all kinds of ball. Hiking, Scuba Diving, and Making and Tasting Food, are distant thirds.


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