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September 20, 2019

Why Is "Follow the Leader" So Important?

Alan Watts claimed that “Hide snd Seek” was a universal game found in every culture since the dawn of history--probably before as it taught vital skills of survival for hunter/gatherers: escape and attack. At It is still a popular game, but with children being less physically active, it may soon become endangered. Why, in this advanced technological age, is this important? Why is it vital for our young to master this basic skill? Even today it has critical...

July 5, 2019

How is that possible?  

So many ties that bind. So many obligations.

What if you could move anywhere... during any period of time?

Where would you go? What would you be doing?

I decided to go to Manhattan and move with some recent Juilliard School of Dance grads and upperclassmen.  What happens in present time 21st century when talented young people are fully dedicated to moving at an extremely high skill level?

Here's one example  of what I discovered in a moment of time.

What wou...

June 19, 2019

This was the first time I met dancers from the Juilliard School. It was a new environment (Central Park near Tavern on the Green). I asked everyone to play a game of approach and retreat with a second direction: be aware of a nonverbal signal. The game morphs from individual concerned about themselves  into one of unified action. Some might see this as "just" a kid's game. 

Yet, there are many other levels of learning happening.  What were they?

The two...

Albert Einstein spent his first  17 years battling a German bureaucracy called school. The reason why Einstein may have not done as well in school as you would expect was that he abhorred the strict regimentation of what and how was taught. Traveling across Europe to join his folks, who had moved to Italy, Albert stopped at this school, in I believe, Switzerland. It was based on the theories of a reformer named Johann Pestalozzi during the Age of Enlightenment (think Declaration of Independence)...

May 31, 2019

On this site--check it out.

And it starts with a ball.

What is this about?

Based on neuroscience, the new education mirrors the Ancient Greek dictum: "Know Thyself."

The new curriculum focuses on three questions:

"Who Am I?"

What Am I Doing Here?"

How I Get There?"

Students' become motivated.

Check out the other posts and our Instagram.

May 30, 2019

Why are we destroying our young people's brilliance?

This is neither hyperbole or anecdotal.

We have the data validated by no less than NASA and Professor 

George Land of Arizona State University:

Want to see?

Ironically the revolution started with one ball. Join us at the Heckscher Playgrounds in New York’s Central Park to see how this is true. It's time to stand up for the disenfranchised, the near-terminally bored, and the once-creative young, so they may...

May 28, 2019

by Mark Gordon

with Colin Barton

Illustrated by David Gordon

1. The Alien

I’m a contrarian. Everyone wants to be “in.” I want out. But being fashionable parades as truth these days. It’s just a never-ending cycle of jealousy and manufactured opinion. I don’t get it.

My attitude has it costs. I’ve been called “weird,” “cocky,” and a lot worse. I been dismissed with the usual:  “He’s just going through a defiant phase.” Maybe they’re right, but I’ll take my chances. In my two decades of existence, I’...

April 29, 2019

Is this a writing experiment or a math one? Or maybe it's an experiment in another field of play. Imagine whoever reads this will see/experience something different.

Want to try a game?

Can you access a joyous inner feeling on demand?

To make this possible, probable, or close to a certainty 

wouldn't it depend on how often you practice that feeling?

Isn't it what perspective you take--consciously or not?

Doesn't unconsciousness, or being unaware--sometimes deliberately--leads people to making things h...

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