The Kuriosity Lab’s Mission offers young people a new curriculum to learn more effectively by fully engaging them to uncover and develop their talents. We start with questions, and the quests they take us on. 
“Who am I?”
“What am I doing here?”
“How do I get there?”
This is the core of the curriculum. When introduced to this method, students become fully motivated. This is learning from the inside out. It is based on the science of how humans learn and grow. As part of a this magnificent universal system, what clues does our human equipment reveal where capabilities exist. The Kuriosity Lab uses these concepts to develop systems, tools, clues, and environments to assist  young in pursuit of their life purpose and adventure.

Who We Are

Mark Gordon

For the last twenty-five years, Mark Gordon has worked with at-risk youth as a teacher, mentor, and director of two experimental educational nonprofits (The AHA Center and The Kuriosity Lab). Based on  the science of learning and how we learn most effectively, he discarded the standard curriculum that dulls the minds of most students (March 30, 2019 NY Times story reported that 68% of all high school juniors described school as  boring). Mark's magic trick is developing fully engaging lessons that motivate those who have been abandoned or have abandoned hope.

Mark is a big believer solving problems through movement is primal to humans. Having spent his youth playing all kinds of ball—especially with Spaldeens--and banging into fences and other immoveable objects (seven concussions), he was not always successful. He learned that starring in track was a lot safer. After college he built a cabin in the Vermont hills, but when an ex-Broadway dancer friend suggested he study with her teacher–the brilliant Anna Halprin, he moved again. Once arriving in San Francisco, to study, he never returned. He still dances every day. . 


Synthesizing all these experiences, Mark created a systematic way to understand the power of games including  offering insight into other areas of life.

Mark has written two books, published a best-selling trivia game, produced a major show, and founded the longest continuous operating solar company in California: Sun Light & Power.

Petra Manyai

Petra joined our team in 2018 to help us move Kuriosity Lab from the physical to the online space. New to the San Francisco Bay Area, she previously worked at several non profit organisation as a communication and marketing manager in her home country in Hungary.

When not editing videos and composing posts, she loves enjoying time with her family, exploring California and doing yoga. 

David Gordon 

Drawing since he was two, David Gordon serves as illustrator for the imaginary characters and scenes seen in the website. David is also responsible for planning, photographing and videoing many of the Kuriosity Lab experiments. As a graduate of Evergreen State College, David has enjoyed learning about growing things including himself, producing podcasts, and continuing his lifelong interest in history and different cultures. His travels to Turkey, Peru, and Guatemala has intensified his voracious appetite to understand how and why humans act the way we do. As a card-carrying dyslexic, his graduation from Evergreen State in Olympia with a BA, is a noted accomplishment.




Colin Barton

Over sixteen years ago, Colin Barton became the first student at the AHA! Learning Center. Colin continued to study creative writing under Mark, and went on to teach himself 3D digital art while working as an electronic hardware lab tech. Colin has partnered with Mark to develop and edit The Dodecahedron Mystery. He is the best young writer Mark knows.





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