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Over five years ago, a former student and I were walking up a golden California hill on a serene hill Indian summer afternoon. We were sharing stories from the recent past and our present plans. We did this every few years.   

Today was different. One idea sparked another. As our conversation deepened it took an unexpected turn: I was transported into a state where as Humphrey Bogart stated “T

he stuff that dreams are made of."

My former student offered me the opportunity to imagine for a year.  
Imagine Imagining for an Entire Year…

What would you do?  

Having believed in my work over the last 15 years, he was now in the position to fund any project I'd choose. If things worked out, I would pay him back (I did). Stunned and excited at the same moment, I began celebrating the possibilities. But as days passed, thoughts of sabotage started to interfere.  

“Would I choose the right path?”

“How would I know?”

“What if this didn’t work out?”

Interfere to "into fear." I deliberately decided to use a technique to “watch” myself placing my awareness as if it had a front row seat to my show. It helped separate me from the negative internal drama. By witnessing myself, I managed to successfully short-circuit the self-inflicted internal noise. 

I resumed imagining.

What kinds of adventures did I hope to have?

What choices of worlds to explore?

What experiments did I want to make?

My imagination couldn’t keep pace with reality.

My reality started changing quickly with the lease of a 2,500 square-foot empty warehouse space with a 17' high ceiling.

 The Kuriositylab.org was born. 

If Medina were to redesign schools from scratch, he would make them, “one long gym class.” Simply put: exercise increases our cognitive abilities and school performance.

If improved classroom performance follows exercise, imagine what would happen if academics was taught while students were physically active?

The Kuriosity Lab’s mission is to help young people discover and develop their genuine rhythms that help them succeed in the classroom and in life.

Imagine Imagining for a Year

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