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Enter The Lab

What Does The Kuriosity Lab Do?

In The Lab we make hypotheses based on the latest in neuroscience understandings and 20 years of experience teaching at-risk students. We are now conducting experiments on how to teach math and writing in a totally different and (as the results show) more effective way. We have created a totally darkened dome space (20’ x 24’ x 17’) to explore how science and art are interconnected.  We are testing out the theory that simple topics or concepts, like “Connections,” when studied across multiple disciplines make learning fascinating and even irresistible. The curriculum we develop has multiple levels of sophistication, so each student can understand at his/her level. The beauty of teaching in this multi-dimensional manner is that there is always another level to arouse a student’s curiosity.

The Kuriosity Lab works to connect students with their own, personal way of learning by:

  • Giving all students the tools to understand who they are as learners and to identify their learning strengths.
  • Providing over 1000 high-interest activities and lessons for those students who are on the learning sidelines to ignite their curiosity.
  • Teaching students to write powerful five-paragraph essays in under eight weeks whether their age is 10 or 17, no matter how many times they have failed before.
  • Propelling students to a state of loving math through use of our “Math on Wheels” vehicles.
  • Using music to teach history.
  • Showing how patterns are a most powerful force in students’ lives—whether through observation of the world, society, or themselves.
  • Connecting science and art by using our completely darkened dome structure.