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The Kuriosity Lab develops fully-engaging curriculum based on the science of learning. Once a student learns a skill/concepts, it is permanently placed into long-term memory.  The five-paragraph essay doesn’t have to be retaught every year.  The  neuroscience “sauce” mixes full attention and emotional investment (curiosity for example) with movement.  The Kuriosity Lab has skillfully designed activities do accomplish this.

On October 9th we will demonstrating how this new learning through curiosity works by taking two BIG BEACH BALLS into Northern California and Oregon. We will doing daily blogs to report about what we discover.

We offer workshops/in-service trainings where participants leave energized and empowered:

  • Students Love Math! When students can express themselves naturally–through movement–neuroscience studies have proven academic scores increase (Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina, Spark by Dr. John Ratey).  Unlike previous studies where physical activity preceded academic study, The Kuriosity Lab combines both–cutting the time in half. There are no special space requirements–all exercises can be accomplished in a normal-size classroom.  Concerns teachers may have that movement will be problematic are addressed and dissolved.  This program works either as a core curriculum or for enrichment.  In the process, teachers learn to love math as well! Applicable for grades 4-8. Workshops are either three hours or a full day.  Costs start at 425 dollars with travel of one hour or less.
  • Writing Clearly, Concisely, and Joyfully:  Writing is Power. Participants will be able to: A) Teach students that writing is a vast, deep, and fulfilling way to express oneself.  B) Translate the structure of the five-paragraph essays into a simple, unforgettable manner.  C) Offer students exercises to write descriptively through accessing the student’s experiences. For instance, describe the Bay Area summer weather: “Sweat inland and sweaters along the coast.”  Applicable for grades 4-12. Workshops are three hours or the full day.  Costs start at 425 dollars with travel of one hour or less.
  •  “Learning How You Learn, or How to Identify Your Authentic Talents,”  Inquire for details.

Email or call: 650.906.4103.

Since 1996 Mark Gordon has taught science, English, math, history, improvisation drama, and alternative P.E. from 4th to 12th grade at Mid-Peninsula High School, Charles Armstrong, and AHA Learning Center.  He has developed his own curriculum throughout this period.  Whether the student has dyslexia, has been diagnosed with ADHD,  or has emotional or other learning challenges, Mark guides the students to their strengths.

“Teachers really need this (Mark’s) material!” —  Thomas Armstrong, Multiple Intelligences guru and author of 14 books including Neurodiversity


The Four Steps

The goal of The Four Steps is to discover and develop each child’s authentic talent while offering  practical tools to successfully navigate through the senseless sufferings of growing up. Students learn where their interests intersect with their abilities, skills, values and how they process. They learn about themselves, others, as well as academics.
Step 1: Full Engagement or How Curiosity Drives the Desire to Learn.
Step 2: Learn How You Learn or How Do You Learn Best.
Step 3: Master Traditional Academic Skills (using alternative methods like Kinesthetic Academics).
Step 4: Develop Talent (including the discipline of practicing what you love).