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2016 August



The Traveling ExploraBerries October 2016 Tour of Earth

The Kuriosity Lab Presents

The Traveling InterGalactic ExploraBerry Rhythm & Light Show & Celebration!

Once Upon a Time, Sometime in the Future, Beings from The Planet Dodeca Traveled Across the Galaxy to Visit Earthlings to Share– in an Experiential Way, What Everyone Practices on Their Peaceful and Joyous Planet.

  • Young Ones Discover Clues to Their Unique Selves.
  • Ways to exercise your curiosity. Yes, curiosity needs to exercise!
  • Why a 10-foot-diameter ball may be too small.
  • “Experience and Modify” Replaces “Trial and Error.”

Demonstrations for Schools and the General Public:

Sunday, October 2nd in Santa Rosa, CA

Monday, October 3rd in Point Arena, CA

Tuesday, October 4th in Mendocino

Wednesday, October 5th in Fort Bragg

Friday, October 7th in Ukiah

Monday October 4th in Medford, Oregon

Saturday, October 29th in Santa Rosa, CA

nobili kids holding up ball

“They have sure-fire practical plan to allow your child to develop his or her talents and be all they can be in today’s challenging world.” Gary Cohn, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter and Professor of Journalism University of Southern California

“Teachers really need this (Kuriosity Lab’s) material” – Thomas Armstrong, Author of 16 books on Multiple Intelligences

With apologies, we cannot under any circumstances, take anyone home to our planet.

For More Information:

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Preparing for the Adventure

It’s getting close. In a seven weeks we will be headed to Earth (Northwest Coast of the United States) with Learning I and Learning II. We’re gonna have a ball!two big balls two learnings